Novanex Team

Hock S Tan, Ph. D., CEO
Dr. Tan has 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical product development, with expertise in medical device and drug delivery system. He has experience in research and development, business development, process engineering, project management and product commercialization.

He founded Bionex Pharmaceuticals LLC, and under his leadership, Bionex received four SBIR awards from NIH and two small business awards from New Jersey State. He has worked for Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories and Xerox Corporation. He holds eight U.S. patents

Zongyan He, Ph. D., CTO
Dr. He is a professional inventor, holding over 30 international patents. He earned his Ph. D. from Tsinghua University and was a faculty member in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Drexel University. Since 2002, he has worked full time on his inventions.

Since then, he has invented a series of oil-fume detecting devices, which became China’s new industry standard. He has also invented air purification devices for cars, homes and offices, which are currently being sold in China. Other inventions include a breast self-exam device, a self-exam device for the condition of blood vessels, and a series of microorganism detecting devices.

Dr. He began his research on non-invasive glucose monitor systems in 2001. For over 10 years, he has done extensive research and experiments in this area. He believes that the new technique will provide a non-invasive device that will bring a pain-free, easy-to-use glucose monitoring device to millions of diabetes patients.

Connie Chen, Ph. D., CFO
Dr. Chen is director for professional consulting at a small technical company for the past 14 years, working in sales, marketing and consulting. She has been working to get the initial funding for Novanex Inc.

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