NV100 Noninvasive Glucose Monitor

The NV100 is a noninvasive blood glucose monitor designed to bring relief to the millions of diabetic patients who are understandably weary of drawing blood samples. Our goal is to provide an affordable monitoring device accessible to everyone who needs one.
Novanex NV100

Key benefits are:

  • Eliminates the need for a blood sample
  • Provides accurate results in two minutes
  • Costs no more than conventional glucose monitoring
  • Can save results for physician review
  • Easy to use, handle and transport

How It Works

The NV100 was developed using Novanex’s proprietary Optimized Metabolic Calorimetry technology. The basic principle is that oxidation of glucose generates energy which can be emitted into the environment in the form of heat.

In practice, high-precision temperature sensors, infrared sensors and other sensors are applied to a bodily cavity to measure heat dissipation, blood flow rate and local blood oxygen level.

Meanwhile, possible sources of measurement errors such as interference by environmental conditions and variations induced by physiological and pathological factors are analyzed and compensated for using a comprehensive algorithm.

Accuracy of 97.5 percent has been proven in a clinical trial with 45 subjects, and a larger clinical trial is underway as of April 2015.

Read more about Optimized Metabolic Calorimetry on our technology page.

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